Function Fitness Gym is an inclusive, one on one, private, personal gym located in Downtown Los Angeles where we inspire people to take on healthier lifestyles. Specializing in functional fitness, our gym trainers are dedicated to your fitness journey and health goals.



Owner & Founder

My love for fitness started many years ago as a kid enrolled in sports such as, soccer, basketball and tennis. Which is the reason why my passion for keeping fit has led me to this exciting industry.

When I was in college I chose a career path in the health sector. After a year and a half, I realized that wasn’t the type of career path I wanted.

At that point, I had gained so much understanding of the human body while studying Anatomy and Psychiology. So, I became a fitness trainer/coach in 2001.

A fitness Trainer to me, is someone who enjoys helping others become self-disciplined, educates them on proper nutrition, and helps them develop self-control.

Also, teaching them proper techniques, and protocols during various strength and conditioning exercises, that will make them stronger, healthier, and most importantly eliminate the possibility of injuries.

Over the years, I have acquired credentials, that have set me apart from others, namely; NASM CPT, CES, PES, FNS. Along with hours of continual education courses.

I will motivate, inspire, and guide you through the BEST training regimen you’ve ever encountered!

If you’re ready, LET’s GO!

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